Love Shuffle – Official Video


Directed by Cian Hughes

Edited by Synje Norland © norland music 2016

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You’re just an ordinary man. That’s what people say. But you’re the only one that’s worth and good enough to stay. Oh, even though you make me swear and complain about the mess, that you leave constantly behind.

Oh, I am sorry, that is all you have to say. I will be better, everything will be ok. I’ll do it later, but it seems you never do. In the end it is me, that cleans up for you.

I couldn’t find another lad, that is willing to put up. The crazy bitch I sometimes am, oh, I know, it takes a lot. I yell a book, I cry a lake, cause that’s my only way, of telling you how much I care.

(c) 2024 - Synje Norland